The Curriculum at Westfield Primary Academy

Westfield Primary Academy is committed to meeting the requirements of the new primary curriculum. 

We have a scheme of work to reflect the content and challenge of the new curriculum. We have developed a new curriculum that meets the requirements of the latest National Curriculum review. This development includes a computing curriculum that will integrate new technologies, programming and media into school life.

Our challenge curriculum continues to ensure that the learning of children at Westfield Primary Academy is meaningful and benefits from a specific focus on the core requirements of the English and Mathematics curriculum.

Within our Early Years we follow the Anna Ephgrave approach to learning; giving all pupils access to a wide and varied curriculum enabling pupils to learn at their own pace and ability. Through child-initiated learning pupils enjoy learning through play whilst being supported and challenged by our Early Years staff. To find out more and see our Early Years in action, come and arrange a visit through our academy office.    

In Early Years, Key Stages 1 and 2, our pupils follow the 'Talk 4 Writing' initiative giving pupils opportunities to extend their storytelling skills through reading and writing. Through the 3 stages of 'Imitation', 'Innovation' and 'Invention' pupils develop their independent writing skills through creative and engaging approaches.

At Westfield we believe in a Mastery for Maths approach throughout the Primary Curriculum. Within Early Years, Key Stages 1 and 2 we enable pupis to gain an in depth understanding of the basic mathematical skills through concrete, pictorial and abstract methods.  

We use the International Primary Curriculum as the basis for our cross-curricular themes, and this is followed throughout the whole school. We have found that this enriches our pupil’s learning and encourages them to look towards the wider society, giving them an international aspect.

The challenge curriculum will be taught with consideration given to the needs of all learners whilst encouraging pupils to self-regulate their learning enabling them to acheive their best.  

An example of our long term plan can be found following the links on this page.


At Westfield all pupils have access to a wide and varied PE curriculum. This is delivered through weekly teaching in every class from our class teachers as well as PE specialists who work throughout the academy.  

Extra-curricular sports activities are available through breakfast clubs, lunchtime clubs and after school clubs. During the year pupils have a wide range of opportunities to take part in a range of tournaments and experience activities ranging from bollywood dancing to badminton to skateboarding.  

Through Sports Premium funding from the government we have been able to provide these fantastic opportinuties for our pupils, please follow the links to see a more detailed report on how this funding has been spent in the previous year and how we will be spending the funding in the current year.